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I was hoping to do some code samples in C from the book tonight but unfortunately I ran into a snag. After installing Eclipse CDT to Eclipse Helios I thought I was good to go. For some reason though, after explicitly building my project with ⌘B no Binaries menu would shows up in Eclipse

Without no Binaries menu, that means that Eclipse can’t run your project and spits out an error.

I made sure I was choosing the MacOSX GCC but binaries still wouldn’t show up. I searched around for a while and others had similar problems when Eclipse didn’t have support for a 64 bit Mach-O parser. However looking at my project properties Eclipse shows a Mach-O 64 Parser.

I was stumped at this point since all the suggestions mentioned to make sure your Mach-O Parser was checked or add “-arch i386″.

I really wanted to compile in 64 bit so I played around a little more and figured out that if your Binaries menu is missing from Eclipse, try checking and unchecking the Mach-O 64 Parser then click OK. After doing that – success! I can now see the Binaries menu and Eclipse doesn’t give me “Launch Failed. Binary not found.” error.