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My wife and I like a clean house. We are not clean freaks that worry about every speck of dust, and we are not germophobes either. I have a friend who is like that. He walks around with a bottle of hand sanitizer all the time. Still, we like our house to be clean. It is those deep cleanings that take so much time to get done. This is why we hire professional spring cleaning in Singapore to clean our condo.

We want every piece of furniture, including the mattresses, cleaned. We want the curtains and blinds cleaned too. Every wall needs to be washed, and the rooms with carpeting need to have every square inch of the carpet professionally cleaned. I really like how our house sparkles after these spring cleaning jobs are done. I really like it that we do not have to lift a finger during the process. We just supervise the professional cleaners telling them what we want done and they do the rest. It is worth it to have it done this way.

We do not have the massive temperature swing as the seasons change her in Singapore like they do in places where it turns from frigid to hot. However, we do have our seasons. Spring is pretty much a universal time of renewal and cleansing, and this is why we get spring cleaning in Singapore done at our condo every year. We repeat the process about seven months later with a thorough fall cleaning. We also will touch up any paint and take care of any upkeep or maintenance that needs done during these cleanings too. We get things such as painting done first, then we have the cleaning done. The pros do such a wonderful job that it even meets the standards of my germophobe friend.