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I am generally not the type to give in to hype or live in fear. I am not going to jump out of an airplane anytime soon, but I am also not going to seclude myself in the house because of crime outside my doors. I guess I was living in a bit of a bubble though because crime had just never reached my doorstep. It still hasn’t, but it got mighty close two weeks ago, which is why I did an online search for ADT in Cincinnati.

My neighbor three houses down was the victim of a home invasion. He told me a few days later he was in actual fear of not making it out of his house alive. Thankfully, the two men didn’t even hurt him, physically at least. The reason this is so shocking is because we live on the outskirts of Cincinnati in a tiny town that doesn’t even see vandalism but once every few years. This scared me though because it could have easily been my house that had been chosen. That is when I decided to take action, which was mainly showing anyone who wanted to enter my house illegally that they would not have an easy time of it.

I figured getting an ADT security system was the first step in making my home safer. Several of my neighbors felt the same way, because I see ADT signs in the yards of a lot of homes in our small town now. I know it makes me feel better because a criminal is not going to want to hit a house that has a security system so blatantly in place. This is just the first thing that I have done, but it is an action that has made me feel a lot better about living in this world without being constantly afraid.