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My wife told me, “We need to talk.” Just what a guy wants to hear. She said we would talk over dinner. She told me that by text. I was afraid to ask what it was about! I did not think I did anything. Well, not on purpose anyway. Over barbecued chipped ham, cole slaw and potato chips she said we needed to talk about how much our electric bill was costing. She said it has been going up and up, and it is the priciest utility we are paying. I checked out TXU electricity rate plans with her online later in the evening. We found several at a lower per kilowatt hour rate.

We found one that had a minimum usage rate that met what we use every month. That way we would never have to pay a penalty for not using enough electricity. We got a lower per kilowatt cost on the electricity here in Texas, and we also got free electricity from 8 in the evening until 5 in the morning. We just switched how we did things and when we did them to take advantage of as much free electricity every month that we could. It was not big deal to wash clothes in the evening and dry them before bed. The kids were now at the age they were not going to bed until 9 and 10 o’clock anyway, so they got their baths after 8 too. I ran the pool filter on a timer from 8:30 until 11:30 PM instead of in the daytime too. It made a huge difference in our monthly bill.

I wish we would have known about this plan to get free electricity in the evenings a long time ago. We could have saved a small fortune in utility costs at our house.