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Electrical Nerve and Muscle Stimulation for Herniated Disc

A herniated disc (also known as a slipped disc, or bulging disc) is when there is a rupture in the outer layer of the cushions (discs) between the vertebrae. The discs have a softer inner core like a jelly-filled donut. Sometimes due to injury or simply wear and tear, the tough, outer “skin” of the disc will develop a crack, and then the gelatinous center leaks out. This can irritate nearby nerves and cause searing pain.

Most herniated discs occur between the ages of 30 and 50 and are due to the effects of aging. After the age of 50, however, there is less fluid in the discs, so herniated discs are less common.

In most cases, herniated discs will heal on their own, given enough time. Unfortunately, the extreme pain that is experienced during that period of time can be debilitating. Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a non-invasive treatment option that avoids the risks of surgery and the side effects of medication.

What is Electrical Nerve Stimulation?
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation administers low-level electrical currents to the herniated disc area. This is accomplished by placing the electrodes that carry the current directly on the skin, or just under the skin via a small incision. The patient usually experiences little or no pain but may experience a tingling sensation. Typically, this treatment is administered by a machine called a TENS device. The scientific principle that enables this treatment to work has yet to be fully defined, and it doesn’t produce pain relief in all clients.

TrueTESLA Electrical Nerve and Muscle Stimulation
Because of the limitations of a typical TENS device, the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers offer a unique treatment called TrueTESLA Electric Nerve and Muscle Stimulation. This procedure surpasses the results of a TENS device by increasing the voltage while maintaining low amperage of the electrical current. Consequently, not only is back pain blocked, but it stimulates muscle fibers as well.

The improved function of TrueTESLA Electrical Nerve and Muscle Stimulation allows us to treat even advanced cases of herniated disc back pain– without drugs or surgery.

Other benefits that exceed the typical TENS machine treatment include increased blood circulation (this facilitates natural healing), easing of muscle spasms, improved range of motion, prevention of atrophy due to muscle disuse, and muscle re-education (reacclimating the muscles to the way they functioned before the herniated disc occurred.)

The benefits are twofold: TrueTESLA technology supports and enhances the body’s natural healing ability while reducing severe pain.

Is It Time for a New Mattress?

Getting a full night’s rest is one of the tenets of a healthy lifestyle, so purchasing the right mattress will be among the most important investments you will ever make. If you’re currently dissatisfied with how you are sleeping, examining your mattress can be crucial to improving you are well being. The following are some basic questions you should ask if you are wondering if it’s time for a new mattress.

How old is your mattress? Typically, the average mattress lasts about 5 to 7 years depending on the quality of the mattress, your lifestyle, and sleeping habits. So if it’s been over a decade (or two) since you invested in a new mattress, it is definitely time to start anew.

How are you sleeping? Do you consistently wake up in the middle of the night? Are you sore in the morning or feel stiff? Poor circulation and tossing and turning are indicators that your mattress isn’t doing its job anymore. If you are having these common symptoms, then it is definitely time for a new mattress.

Do you have the wrong type of bed? The best thing to do is to lie down on your current bed – prior to bedtime. Pay attention to how it supports you, what qualities seem to be lacking and write down a list of what your ideal bed should do for you. There are memory foam mattresses, natural latex mattresses, as well as traditional innerspring mattresses that have distinct advantages you may be looking for.

If it hasn’t been that long since you have acquired a new bed, memory foam mattress toppers and memory foam pillows can go a long way to improving your sleeping regimen.

These days, the majority of brands offer free-trial periods that are long enough for you to compare and make a final decision. Should I get a memory foam mattress or a Sleep Number bed? Read our comparison.

So don’t be shy – if you are thinking about buying a new mattress, the time may be sooner than you think.

Adjustable Air Beds – Digital Number Beds & Mattresses

Technological advancements over the last twenty years have brought adjustable air beds and air mattresses to the forefront of the sleep industry. More durable than ever before and providing levels of comfort that is fully adjustable, these digital air mattresses are practical alternatives when a traditional innerspring mattress is no longer providing the kind of rest you need.

Far from that portable air mattress that you keep in the attic for special occasions, these are bona fide beds that look and feel like your traditional mattress but will have you sleeping on air.

So how do adjustable air beds work? Like an innerspring mattress, there is a core of support, but instead of metal coils, the support comes from air that is contained in specially designed air chambers. The core is also molded out of vulcanized rubber, which gives the mattress the strength and durability it needs to support the sleeper’s body weight for years. However, unlike a coil system that has a fixed firmness, air beds can adjust to the sleeper’s tastes – a remote control conveniently adds or releases air through an electric pump, so the mattress can become as soft or firm as you like. The rest of the mattress is much like any traditional mattress, with layers of foam and upholstery to provide a soft, comfortable top to sleep on.

Digital air beds are best for people who enjoy being able to control the firmness of their mattress depending on their mood, or what their body needs from day to day. They are especially ideal for couples who require different levels of firmness, as the core of the mattress is divided in a way that allows one side to be more or less firm than the other.

Read more about the Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort and the competitively priced, quality mattresses at Dream Number Beds, the leading providers of adjustable air beds and air mattresses. We also offer air mattress reviews that compare the digital number of beds.

Innerspring Mattresses

After a century of being in mass production, innerspring mattresses are still the dominant type of mattress in the world, holding about 80% of the market share. Most of us have grown up on one, and know quite well how they feel. They are tried and tested, have made significant advances over time, and are available in the most known configurations of all kinds of mattresses, more than its newest competitors including memory foam beds by manufacturers like TV Brand memory foam, latex beds, and air beds. Before delving into the latest technologies, it’s important to consider innerspring mattresses for your new or replacement mattress – you may be surprised at what you find.

An innerspring mattress is just that – a mattress whose core is a system of springs or coils that provide the sleep support. The coils can be found in varying thickness – also known as the gauge – and come in different configurations, from standard Bonnell coils to fabric pocketed coils, hinged and flexible offset coils, and continuous coils. Each configuration offers a different type of support, from incredibly firm to supply and contouring. Around the core is generally a cushioning foam layer, which is then surrounded by upholstery that provides the comfortable mattress surface. By varying any one of these elements, you have a unique mattress that can provide the surface you are looking for.

These days, it’s possible to find almost any kind of innerspring mattress for every type of body, sleeping habit, and tastes. While features like the pillow-top and Euro-top have increased the quality of softness, you can even find innerspring beds that are beginning to integrate rival technologies, like a layer of memory foam. So if you want to try out a new level of sleep without committing to the unknown, innerspring beds are still the standard to beat. The best mattress brands for innerspring mattresses are Sealy, Serta, and Simmons – check out each brand’s features and decide which one is best for you.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Developed technology during the 1970’s as a material to relieve astronauts from the pressure of g-forces while in flight, memory foam wasn’t originally intended for mattresses. It took a little ‘outside the box’ thinking by a Swedish company to realize that the potential sleep benefits of the material were too great to be ignored. With a unique ability to mold to and support your body, this material had the ability to relieve more pressure than any previous type of foam. It also takes a long time to return to its original shape – the long-lasting impression of the shape of your body is what inspired its creators to coin the term ‘memory foam’.

So how does memory foam mattresses work? As opposed to innerspring mattresses, there are no separate parts. The incredibly durable polyurethane based foam is filled with billions of minuscule air pockets, which decompress when met with body weight and heat. As air releases, the person sleeping literally sinks into the bed, providing a floating sensation while balancing the body and aligning it correctly. Choosing the right thickness and density can control how much sink there is; the high-density foam will provide more support, while lower density foams will allow you to sink more, and the thicker the foam, the deeper you can go. Memory foam mattresses are generally several layers of varying density that help support and distribute the sleeper’s weight.

Memory foam is perfect for sleepers who like to feel snug, and enjoy the sensation of melting into a mattress. This is also best for sleepers who don’t turn much while sleeping or wish to curb as much movement as possible. While the foam is great at minimizing movements and the chance of disturbing a sleeping partner, that also means there is no springiness to the mattress. But for a restful sensation that feels like floating, this is the mattress to get.

Read more about Signature Sleep memory foam and Sleep Innovations Mattress Reviews, two of the leading memory foam mattress providers in the nation.


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