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Dental work is a nightmare for most people but the United States remains one of the most dental oriented societies in the world. There’s a very real social pressure to have the best and brightest white teeth regardless of where you may live in America. The idea of having perfect teeth saturates our culture and is one of the driving points of attractiveness; if not the one defining feature that seems to be shared in the multiple interpretations of what we believe beauty to be as Americans. Have you visited your dentist in Grand Rapids? If not, I bet you feel guilty right now for doing so after being so shamelessly reminded that the beauty equation ends and begins with your teeth. It’s something that I’ve struggled with for years because I don’t have straight teeth. There’s very few women who are going to find it endearing and only a handful of women I have dated have thought that it was an attractive part of my features.

There’s nothing at all wrong with having great teeth. I merely wish that it wasn’t such a driving force behind attractiveness which is something we’re all concerned about to varying degrees. When I was younger it was much more stressful to have imperfect teeth; my parents, for whatever reason, decided that I didn’t need braces. Oh, they’re not that terribly crooked but growing up in a society that only seems to approve of the most absolutely perfect straight teeth it was enough to cause serious doubt in my looks. Now? It’s not that important to me but I will admit to a certain doubt regarding my smile; I don’t try to hide it but I don’t flash my teeth out there very often. Maybe I should think about getting braces as an adult?