I have been using computers for over 20 years. I can remember when I had to dial in to get a connection to the Internet, and chat rooms were all the rage. So much has changed since then, including me. I went from being a high school kid enamored with the world at my fingertips to a man with a family and a business of his own. I have been tinkering with website design for a while, but I knew that I had to find a professional Los Angeles web design company when I decided to close my brick and mortar store and have a completely online presence.

The overhead was just getting to be too much, and I knew that I would be able to reach a bigger market with an online store, especially since I am not selling what hundreds of other businesses are selling within the same region. While I can make a nice family website, I knew that I was out of my league for a website that would be 100 percent commercial in nature. I needed to have a store, which meant shopping carts, complicated tables and figures to calculate prices, discount codes, and tax, and so much more.

I also needed the site to be seamless, which is why I started looking at different web design companies in the area. The website is going to be a customer’s first look at my business, so I wanted only the best to design it. It was easy to narrow down the choices to just one company, and they were able to deliver everything that they guaranteed. I am doing nearly three times the business now on my website alone, and I am saving so much money by not having a brick and mortar store anymore. I wish I would have done this years ago!