I told my parents when I was in my teens that I did not seem myself staying and working on the farm they owned. Dad had been grooming me since I was young to take over the farm one day. But the thing is that I really never liked farm work, and I knew that a lifetime of it would make me very happy. My dream was to graduate from college and get a degree. I hoped to move to the big city, and when that time finally came, I looked for a New York marketing recruiter to help me find a job.

My parents were very disappointed at first when I told them of my plans for my future. They both pointed out that I was very young and that I might change my mind at some point. But I knew that would not happen. I earned a 4.0 grade average in high school and was at the top of my class. I took part in a lot of extracurricular activities so that I could show future colleges that I had a wide range of interests. Six months before I graduated, I began applying to colleges. This was when my parents told me that they were proud of me for being so strong in my convictions and they loved the fact that I was the first person in three generations of our entire family to actually go to college.

Before I made the big move to New York. I began calling around to find recruiters who could help me land a great position. I really gravitated toward marketing early on, and I could tell that I had a knack for it during school. I was able to get a job pretty quickly, and I was really looking forward to moving and starting my new job quickly.