I am an administrator at a school here in Singapore. I take a lot of pride in what we do here. I have seen some schools where the students are disrespectful or bored, neither of which are problems here at my school. We hire teachers that really care about their students, and the children flourish under their attention. Another school in the area recently gave all parents an app for their phones that was created by a mobile app developer in Singapore, and I was really impressed with it. It was such a good idea that I knew I was going to do the same.

I talked to the same developer because I really liked what they did with the other school’s app. I had talked with the administrator there who gave me her blessing for us to talk with the app developer. It was not like we are competing companies. Our goal is the same, which is to provide children with quality education. There were some things that I did want to be different though, and I talked with the developer to see if these features could be added.

I thought it would be nice if parents could make requests right through the app to both teachers as well as administrators. I also wanted parents to be able to see how their children were doing as far as grades are concerned right through the app. Some of the other features, like news, school closings, announcements, and a calendar were features that I wanted to keep. The app developer was able to create the perfect app for us, and parents have told me how much they appreciate being able to have easier contact and quicker access to important news this way. Even the kids seem to enjoy it too, since there are a few games on there that they can play!