How We Saved Money on an Electricity Plan That Had Free Electricity in the Evenings

My wife told me, “We need to talk.” Just what a guy wants to hear. She said we would talk over dinner. She told me that by text. I was afraid to ask what it was about! I did not think I did anything. Well, not on purpose anyway. Over barbecued chipped ham, cole slaw and potato chips she said we needed to talk about how much our electric bill was costing. She said it has been going up and up, and it is the priciest utility we are paying. I checked out TXU electricity rate plans with her online later in the evening. We found several at a lower per kilowatt hour rate.

We found one that had a minimum usage rate that met what we use every month. (more…)

eteng electronics made a real revolution in the industry of copper foil tape for slug barrier

My Mom’s Take on Tattoos

I decided when I was 17 that I wanted a tattoo. My mom told me that she would agree to it on two conditions. That I raise all my grades to A’s, and that I only consider temporary tattoos because I may change my mind about wanting one as I got older. I thought those were two great conditions, because she was absolutely right. If I wanted to get anywhere in life, I needed to make sure my grades improved. Also, I knew that I may not want to have a tattoo even a month after I got one.

I agreed to both conditions, and on my 18th birthday, she took me to a tattoo parlor. (more…)

Excellent for Business Event Promotion

Our company put me in charge of finding some type of corporate gifts to help promote our sponsorship of a golf tournament here in Singapore. It might sound funny to have such an event in Singapore, but you would be amazed at how many golf courses there are here. Lots of businesses locate to Singapore, and many corporate types like playing golf. Singapore is a virtual mecca of golf courses and there are many tournaments and outings constantly going on. Our company decided to co-sponsor one this year and they want to heavily promote the business to all the attendees.

The problem is that I didn’t know where to start. Our company usually doesn’t use gifts for self promotion. I asked some people in the marketing department about gifts and they had a few good ideas they picked up from visiting other companies who did promotional things. (more…)

I Had Different Plans for My Future Life

I told my parents when I was in my teens that I did not seem myself staying and working on the farm they owned. Dad had been grooming me since I was young to take over the farm one day. But the thing is that I really never liked farm work, and I knew that a lifetime of it would make me very happy. My dream was to graduate from college and get a degree. I hoped to move to the big city, and when that time finally came, I looked for a New York marketing recruiter to help me find a job.

My parents were very disappointed at first when I told them of my plans for my future. They both pointed out that I was very young and that I might change my mind at some point. But I knew that would not happen. I earned a 4. (more…)

A Mobile App for the School

I am an administrator at a school here in Singapore. I take a lot of pride in what we do here. I have seen some schools where the students are disrespectful or bored, neither of which are problems here at my school. We hire teachers that really care about their students, and the children flourish under their attention. Another school in the area recently gave all parents an app for their phones that was created by a mobile app developer in Singapore, and I was really impressed with it. It was such a good idea that I knew I was going to do the same.

I talked to the same developer because I really liked what they did with the other school’s app. I had talked with the administrator there who gave me her blessing for us to talk with the app developer. It was not like we are competing companies. Our goal is the same, which is to provide children with quality education. (more…)

I Wanted to Be an Online Business Only

I have been using computers for over 20 years. I can remember when I had to dial in to get a connection to the Internet, and chat rooms were all the rage. So much has changed since then, including me. I went from being a high school kid enamored with the world at my fingertips to a man with a family and a business of his own. I have been tinkering with website design for a while, but I knew that I had to find a professional Los Angeles web design company when I decided to close my brick and mortar store and have a completely online presence. (more…)

My Wife Figured out What Would Help

I had tried a couple of things try to fix the trouble I was having with my neck and back. I was at my wit’s end. I was not really sure what else to do. My wife said that I should try a Hitachi wand massager to see if that would do anything for me. I had not though about that previously, but was not really sure it would do me any good. I told her I would try it if things grew worse.

I first went to my doctor when I began having pain. The pain had been going on for at least three weeks. I even spent about three of those days in bed near the end of those three weeks. I could barely move because I hurt so much. I knew that I could not take any time off of work, so quickly made the doctor’s appointment. My doctor said that I probably strained my back at work because I do heavy lifting. (more…)

Thinking About Dumping My Cable Tv

Cable TV guideThinking about dumping my cable tv, but I am not sure what would be the best thing to do instead. Of course I watch a lot of live sports and that is the thing that really keeps people from cutting the cable on Time Warner and Comcast and those other pirates. Everything else you can get off the internet of you can get you a Digital Video Recorder like the Direct TV Genie and record it, then you play it back and skip through the ads. Obviously that sort of defeats the whole purpose of most tv programs. (more…)


The SQL ON clause is used to create JOIN queries  when information are located in different tables, i.e. allows to join related data tables by specifying a condition that involves a key field that identifies both tables, the key field contains data that is found in the first table and  in the second table, and therefore both tables are related by this key field. Is optional you have these fields defined as a FOREIGN KEY between two tables, what is essential is that there are two fields that have the data to identify the records from both tables.

Following is the general syntax to use the SQL ON clause for  two tables, using the JOIN query:

SELECT fieldNamess FROM table_1 AS one

     JOIN table_2 AS two

     ON one.field = two.field


When the type of JOIN (INNER, LEFT, RIGHT) is not specified the default JOIN is INNER JOIN, which returns a record when it meets the condition of the JOIN specified in the operator ON.

In the following example we are using the AdventureWorks database, to get the name of the territory for the customers. The required information is contained in the tables, Sales.Customer and Sales.SalesTerritory, the field that will serve as a JOIN condition is TerritoryID, which will be used in the SQL ON operator. This field will allow us to relate data from both tables. In the table definition, Sales.Customer has a FOREIGN KEY with theSales.SalesTerritory table.

In the result query we will get the ID and customer type as well as the account number  from the Sales.Customer table and the name of the territory from the Sales.SalesTerritory table. The JOIN syntax is as follows:

SELECT  C.CustomerID , C.CustomerType ,C.AccountNumber ,T.Name    FROM Sales .SalesTerritory AS T

INNER JOIN Sales .Customer AS C

ON T.TerritoryID = C.TerritoryID

As we see the INNER JOIN operator is used to mention the second table where we will find the additional information, later in the JOIN condition we use the  SQL ON operator, placing the field that will allow us to join the information from the two tables. In the image we can see the output of the query:


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